Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Day 20 - So whatcha whatcha whatcha want?

For those of you curious - that title was a Beastie Boy reference. Yeaaaa Boooyyyyyy!

I feel a weekend of questions coming up. This weekend in Memphis, TN my high school classmates will be celebrating our 20th high school reunion. For any of you who think there is no way I am old enough to have graduated from high school 20 years ago, bless you. And if you need skincare to keep yourself looking young, call me.

Today I was reflecting on what my 10 year reunion was like. We were all 28, out of college, working new careers and a few had even begun families. Lots of questions where answered that weekend as I can only imagine what the questions might be another 10 years later. Sadly, I will be unable to attend the reunion and I'm not too terribly sad about it. 20 years ago when I left high school I was sad thinking I would never see many of these people again. Then along came FaceBook and I enjoy chatting with many of my friends that I knew back then . The world has gotten smaller. I know that when I return to Memphis for a visit, I'll catch up with those that I love, adore and miss.

In planning for today's blog, I wondered what in the world I would write about. It's been 20 days, I have 70 more to go - so I beg for your help. What do you want to know? Why have I had 2,000 hits on this blog? I know 20 of those hits are my boyfriend Carlos because he faithfully reads my blog daily. So give me some insight as to why you're reading. What would you like for me to talk about?  What do you want to know? Send me some questions or topics. And until then, Hail Kirby High. Go Cougars!


  1. :) would love to see you if you have time. - Kelli

    1. I would love to see you too Kelli! I saw that WSP was coming to Vegas and was curious if Mike was working with them still. Would love to see y'all. I will definitely hit you guys up when I roll into Memphis next time!