Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day 48 - A Little Prespective

Today started out pretty good. I got up at a decent hour (all thanks to my 4 legged children), fixed breakfast for the fam, watched some movies - it started out pretty good. Then I looked in the mirror and still don't really like what I see. I haven't stepped on a scale in forever. Judging my weight loss more on my clothes. I will say, I caught my reflection at the gym yesterday and did notice my belly is smaller. But back to today, I was feeling less than satisfied and wanted to enjoy a little pitty party.

I was on facebook reconnecting with some classmates from high school when I saw that one of my classmates had to tell her young children today that their daddy is dying. I cannot imagine what that must be like. To be so young and have children so young (one of them too young to even understand her words much less what the impact will be) and know that her young husband will be gone soon too. Made me realize how small my "problems" really are. Yes, it is true - if you think your life is bad, someone else's is worse. My friend's situation really made me think. It caused me to stop what I was doing and list out all the things in my life that are blessing. I have a home, a loving family, a loving boyfriend, friends who are supportive, etc. In times of struggle, we must think about our blessings. It is our way of choosing to have positive thoughts instead of allowing the negative thoughts to consume us.

Not knowing your beliefs and doubting that the above mentioned person even reads my blog - send some prayers her way. Or good thoughts, or light a candle for her. What ever you can do, do it. And when you're done, write down all your blessings and see how great life really is!

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